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Things are shifting in this world that we now live in. The way we interact with other people - including our friends and family - has totally changed. We are trying to change with it and offer a solution or a temporary solution for your celebrations. Our job is always to try to give you ideas and to make sure you get what YOU want out of your wedding.
Sometimes - during a pandemic - means you don't want to give up the WEDDING even if you have to put off or cancel your party. We are here to help give you the space to celebrate in *some* way through all this and allow you to create a mini-version of your dream so that you don't have to wait any longer to marry your person.
ELOPE by definition means "to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent," but that has shifted over the last 10 years to a sometimes planned small event with or without a few witnesses - this sometimes includes photographers, musicians, dinner/dessert, etc. Parental consent isn't as important to people anymore as most folx get married in their 20's and 30's. We are also seeing couples ditching patriarchal traditions of "asking permission" of parents. 
IN THE PANDEMIC - We are hosting more elopements and mini weddings than ever. A lot of couples are opting for the private ceremony and rescheduling the party to later. They don't have to wait OR lose the importance of their original date. We are a huge fan of this and will 1000% work with you on your vision and dreams!



This is for those that want a true capital "E" Elopement. It's your officiant, photography, champagne and some snacks. We can plan and coordinate a day with truly JUST YOU (and maybe a few witnesses.) Super romantic to upgrade to include a private dinner! This is usually for 10 guests or under.




Mini or Micro weddings for us means under about 25 guests. We would be doing most of our normal planning services and processes depending on your actual needs for the day - just geared for less guests and to accomodate your smaller event needs! 


ALSO - Ask us about creating your OWN category of Elopement or Mini wedding. We are here to morph the day for you. If you have hawk eyes, you may even see Erin officiating a wedding. She's never done it professionally before (and will never do it for a large group of people), but you may be able to convince her to do it for your elopement if you don't have any special celebrant / officiant options.

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