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W E   H A V E   F U N 
Weddings and Events are just FUN. We definitely try to bring those sprinkles and add them to the top of everything we do. We are always smiling and laughing with our couples and their guests. It's about the joy and the people - we just absolutely love every single moment!
W E   F U C K I N G   C A R E   -   A   L O T 
LIKE A LOT. You can for sure know that we don't half ass any thing - especially on the day. PWS is about making sure you feel supported and loved.  That your opinion matters. That you matter.
But not just about the couples and the day - we also care for people in general. When you hire us and our services, you are also supporting organizations like Racial Justice Coalition of Asheville, Black Lives Matter, the Innocence Project, and more that we make contributions to from our sales. As of July 2020, we have started donating 5% of all of our sales as a beginning to the reparations we owe to our community.
( SHE / HER / HERS )

I'm totally in love with sharing super intimate and emotional experiences with people - which is why I ended up in weddings and events. 
I grew up in Richmond, VA with a very artistic family and ended up graduating with a BFA in Theatre Stage Management from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). I’ve lived and worked in some really cool places like Boston MA, Washington DC, and Tucson AZ.
I found myself in the wedding and event industry while in Tucson AZ working with an amazing floral artist who specialized in weddings and events. She taught me how to transform my theatre production skills into wedding / event planning and design.
With my theatre production background, I have a different approach to planning that is a bit more collaborative and untraditional. I totally support ditching things that aren’t important to you while giving you permission to try out new traditions.

I'm walking into my 5th year of business - I freaking love my job. I get to work with amazing people all the time, collaborate with brilliant vendors, and mentor some amazing budding businesses! They are the reason why I do what I do.

When I'm not planning... I am drinking coffee, starting some sort of art project that I likely won't finish until next year, planning my next tattoo, and cuddling my dog, Ruka!
( SHE / HER / HERS )

I love helping people embrace the intimate moments & find joy in the stressful ones! While I’m comfortable in many roles, my fave is getting to be a kick-ass sidekick for my kick-ass couples!


I grew up in a teeny-tiny town in Georgia & completed my Bachelor of Music Therapy degree at Georgia College & State University (with a focus in hospice & bereavement). I soon found myself in Asheville & after some big life changes, I met my soulmate & now-husband! After hiring Erin as MY wedding planner & loving every second of it, we found that we make a great team. The rest is history!


My background in hospice & bereavement music therapy might seem like a weird fit for an event planner, but it’s really given me a unique approach to how I work with people. I love supporting & guiding people as they explore themselves and find joy in usually stressful experiences. For weddings, this means helping balance the planning bits & creating a celebration that reflects you both. That way, you can focus on what’s really important--your relationship & future together!


When I’m not planning, you can find me snuggling my mini-dachshund (Thunder), drinking too much coffee, and trying to get ink off my hands from hand-lettering!



( SHE / HER / HERS )

I am originally from South Florida, then moved to North Carolina in my teenage years. After graduating high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do or was expected to do. After years of working in the restaurant industry, I got accepted into an ophthalmology assistant program at CPCC then worked in ophthalmology for over six years. I got to work with some amazing patients who were severely challenged with vision disabilities and severe vision diseases.


After years of working in "corporate" health care, I was so fucking burnt out and at the point again where I had no idea on what to do with my life. But I did  know that I wanted to work with amazing people that I could help in a different way. My fiance (now husband) at the time told me to become a wedding planner -- which I thought was total bullshit since I was planning ALL of our wedding. But after some thought, I thought 'Why not?' 


And now we are here. The PWS team took a chance on me which has been fucking unreal. I have been assisting PWS since April 2021, running our social media, and really excited to be a Coordinator! Honestly, I am still in shock that I get to work with so many talented people. 


When I’m not planning, I take long walks with my 3 insane dogs while listening to my true crime podcasts, wine nights with my best friend, and a lot of YouTube binging :)

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