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If you wish to view these reviews where they were originally posted, we have provided the links for you below. 


WESTERN NC // 2021

Hiring Erin as our planner was HANDS DOWN the #1 best decision we made for our wedding. We came to her with a complicated request – a destination wedding that incorporated Indian, Brazilian, and American culture into one event (with very opinionated families!) all within an 8-month timeline in the busiest season for all wedding vendors ever. We knew we needed a planner to help us stay organized and give us the freedom to have fun and not sweat the details on our big day, and while we TOTALLY got that, we got SO MUCH MORE.


First, when it comes to logistics, Erin is responsive and makes you feel confident that she’s got you (and she does!). We got the Plain with a Cherry package per her recommendation, and had several meetings throughout the process to check in and get “pep talks” as needed. We had a few last minute needs, and Erin was ALL OVER IT. She had a plan before I could even worry about anything.


On the [event] days, she and her team delivered the decor/setup of our dreams, continuously checked in with us and our families, and kept all the vendors updated. Because our wedding was in a remote area, Erin also took responsibility of booking a house just for the vendors to share, which was really helpful to all those traveling from farther away.


Now for the real reason we fell in love with Erin. Erin has such wonderful emotional intelligence, and we felt that even in a short time, she really knew us and our needs. There was often so much tension between us and our families about what we were expected to do, and Erin listened, offered incredibly brilliant suggestions that didn’t compromise our values, and gave us total permission and support to say “f*** it” when we really wanted. She was a complete defender of our desires and values the entire time. We knew she had our backs going into the wedding days based on the support she had given us in the process, but we were blown away at how she and her team remembered and protected our wishes on the actual days. Our list of anxieties before the wedding were SO long, and we both feel we had the absolute PERFECT day. There isn’t one thing we would change, and we truly give endless gratitude to Erin for that. Hiring Plain With Sprinkles for your wedding is the best decision you could possibly make, so do it right now!



ATLANTA GA // 2021

If you're reading this review, hire PWS!! Erin was by far the best part of our wedding day.


She came in a few weeks before the big day, started coordinating with our vendors, and handled everything from the rehearsal to the day of our wedding with grace and charm. We would not have had the perfect day we had without her. Everything from set up to take down was handled, and we just let her do what she does best. We felt like she really cared about us and wanted us to have fun and have a good time. She charmed our families and our friends. I don't think anyone had anything bad to say about our wedding day, and it's largely because of Erin and the work she put in to make it flawless.


We cannot thank her enough. Please - seriously - hire PWS and tell all your friends to hire them too.



LOOK NO FURTHER -- SERIOUSLY...STOP LOOKING...GO WITH SIERRA AND PLAIN WITH SPRINKLES. My wife and I couldn't be more appreciative of the A+++++ job that started months and months out and continued all the way through the end of our reception. Our guests, as well as ourselves, had the time of our lives and we owe it all to Sierra and PWS's top shelf service. Thank y'all. Seriously. Much love!




Do yourself a favor, book Plain With Sprinkles right now before you book anything else or make any other plans. We were debating whether we could afford day-of coordination with a tight budget but by the end of it all we realized we couldn't afford NOT to have Erin in our corner. Seriously - her advice, connections, planning tools & resources, the fact that she was willing and able to meet with vendors when we couldn't, and the level of emotional support she provided at the end when it started to get intense - PRICELESS.


As a lesbian couple planning a wedding in North Carolina while based in L.A. we were admittedly a little apprehensive about running into vendors who might not appreciate or recognize our relationship. I called Erin because she has "Love is Love." front-and-center on her website and she MEANS it. Erin is a FIERCE LGBTQ+ ally in the BEST way - she makes a point of vetting every vendor she recommends and even went so far as to proactively email all her couples notifying us about a vendor in the area who she found out wasn't gay-friendly and apologizing profusely (which she totally did not have to do - we hadn't even contacted them). She made us SO comfortable from the first second and had our back 100% every step of the way.


I had planned a tethered hot air balloon as a surprise for my wife right after we said our "I Do's" - there were so many times the whole thing could have fallen apart for so many different reasons from nine months out to minutes out and Erin kept it all together and we pulled it off! It was the most spectacular moment and memory and I would could not have done it without her.


Our wedding was more wonderful than we dreamed and we couldn't have done it without Erin & Sierra. Trust us, you want PWS in your corner!!


WNC // 2021

All I can say is WOW! My husband and I were blown away by the level of commitment and attention to detail that Sierra provided. We had to reschedule and rework our entire wedding multiple times due to COVID and she didn’t falter. I didn’t really think we needed a planner...thank god my venue required one. I had no idea how much I would end up needing one.


Sierra went above and beyond to make herself available, to provide emotional support, to help with design and flow of the event, to handle vendors, etc. When the day finally came, it was truly magical. I remember several times looking over and seeing her at the edge of the crowd at full alert, scanning the entire event to make sure all was going smoothly.


Weddings are intense-there is a lot of emotion, all your favorite people from different parts of your life co-mingling, and all of the ‘things that need to go right’. Her presence and focus allowed us to relax, enjoy and soak up our wedding without worry. Our wedding went off without a snag and I can’t recommend ‘Plain With Sprinkles’ enough!

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