Black, Indigenous and Folx of Color planning weddings or who own businesses in the wedding industry are hurting due to our neglect to share and celebrate their stories and faces. There is disproportionate representation that is a vicious cycle that we, at PWS, have also contributed to due to neglecting the gaps and racism in this industry - and for not speaking up and showing up as we should have. 


Thinking of what Jordan Maney (All the Days) says - we know that small changes over time create big impacts. We are committed to rectify the harm done and assist to correct the direction of the industry over time. We are committing to show up to be Anti-Racists and Inclusive Allies. And we know part of that is failing in the process. We are here to show up and do it anyway - fear and all.


We have more things that we want to do since this work will be continuous and evolving, but we are starting with the following.


  • To value, honor and respect all couples by sharing their stories, voices, experiences, bodies and faces. To strengthen relationships with vendors and wedding professionals who do not share the same experiences, backgrounds, and stories. 

  • To commit to contributing 5% of all of our sales towards local organizations focused on racial and social justice reform and community support. This started in July 2020.

  • To curating our vendor list further to only support vendors that are dedicated to Inclusion work. It is not just truly enough to say that you are LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC "friendly" anymore. - but want to make sure their paperwork, forms/questionnaires, and social media presence are fully, intentionally, and authentically Inclusive. This will be starting in October 2020 and will be completed by March 2021. 

  • To engage in locally with organizations like Racial Justice Coalition in Asheville to get more involved. committing to be a part of Solidarity Circles which is keeping Racial Justice alive and accountable locally.


We have created a new way to pop in to let us know how we can show up or hold us accountable. You can use the form below or email us at ACCOUNTABILITY@PLAINWITHSPRINKLES.COM