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If any of our couples haven’t heard us talk about 7 Minutes in Heaven, you DEFINITELY will! We LOVE when our couples say ‘yes’ to this fun moment after their ceremony. So what is 7 Minutes In Heaven?


Well first of all, it is 100% a wordplay on what you think it is! That stereotypical teen game where two people make out in a closet for 7 minutes. So does that mean we put our couples in a closet?? Not quite, but I mean they could if they wanted to! What some folx might not realize is that the *meaning* behind this fun tradition was actually inspired by an older Jewish tradition/law called Yichud in which the couple has not *touched* or been alone with each other before the ceremony itself. So in this tradition the couple spends 8 minutes totally alone together after their ceremony - I think in the olden days this was probably to consummate the marriage. Lolz. Instead, we give you & your boo some private time just after the ceremony for you to process everything and hopefully make out a *little.*

When I was getting married, I had no idea how emotionally important the moments are directly after the ceremony. I had a planner (duh - I know how much work it is to plan/coordinate an event!), but unfortunately she was not as in-tune with the emotional experience of the day as I would have liked. We chose to do a First Look to relieve our anxieties and also so we could quickly join our guests for cocktail hour. So right after the ceremony, our planner sent us straight to cocktail hour - and because of sheer adrenaline/hormones, we quickly lost most of our emotional and physical connection to the ceremony that had JUST happened. I learned a lot from my own wedding experience, so I made it my mission to become a planner who creates emotional and physical space throughout the day for my couples.

And one of my favorite things that came from this was our 7 Minutes in Heaven tradition!

We 10/10 suggest that everyone do this instead of moving directly into photos or cocktail hour! It’s a chance - right after you pronounce your love in front of your chosen family and friends - to cry, laugh, and jump up & down with your person. A chance to make out and be quiet and sexy together. Or to hold each other, slow dance, and celebrate the moment. Whatever way you feel that you want to experience it.

Also we always ask if you want to include your photographer or keep it totally private. But we do highly recommend including the photographer to capture these moments of bliss in such a sweet (or sexy) way for you to remember later. I always adore seeing these photos because the emotion is so beautiful and raw. And a lot of the time, it’s our couple’s favorite moment of the day, too. The whole day and party is shared with all the other people in your life. This one is just for *YOU*.





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