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After you start dreaming about your event – the flowers, the dress, outdoors, cake, lights, a live band – and then you realize that all takes money. Sometimes that feeling can be the worst.

Money could be the biggest dream breaker or dream maker when planning a wedding or an event.

One of the first things before you can do ANY real planning is figuring out who and how the wedding or event is getting funded. Whether you and your partner are fronting the bill, your parents, your company, both of your parents – the conversation about money needs to happen.

Knowing how to use your budget the right way from the start can put you on your path to your "Pinterest Perfect" wedding/event (even if your budget isn't as large as your best friend's).

Below I have attached a super sexy budget sheet that can be a great tool for you and your partner to start figuring out a good budget for your day. This tool offers a sample budget to start and the percentage we suggest you consider per category. Everyone's priorities are different, so this is also a great time to talk with your partner about the most important things in your day.

After you start playing with the numbers - you can pick a date/time of year and a venue! Trust me. Playing with your budget and finding that taking 2% away from your flower budget gives you just enough to book the band you wanted is super satisfying.

Try it out and let me know if you have any questions about the budget sheet!


To get an idea of what real weddings look like at different budget ranges - check out The Budget Saavy Bride.

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