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Okay, so I totally admit that before I started my own planning journey for my wedding that I thought hiring a wedding planner was a waste of money since I am an event planner.

My fiance and I decided that we were going to get married back at home in Virginia while living in Arizona, so we knew we needed to have someone on the ground there to do our footwork. After hiring my wedding planner, I now know how much it actually takes and planners are completely worth their weight in gold. Not only is she on top of everything and kicks ass, but it inspired me to transition out of theatre and into the wedding world. She totally gave me the direction, leadership, and push to get going on planning.

I started to work with the leading floral designer and event production company in Tucson, AZ called Atelier de LaFleur owned and operated by Colleen LaFleur. I have learned that this type of event planning takes not only guts and confidence, but also innate intuition and listening to the client. It is their day - you collaborate with them and their vendors to make this day completely theirs.

Event planners and Day of Coordinators work with their clients to decide on napkin color, timelines, coordinating on what time the chairs arrive to making sure your DJ plays the right song at the right time. They cater and deflect family members when needed - They are the bad guys and the good guys. They also teach and coach you through weird relationship conflicts that tend to happen when weddings are being planned as well as following up and contacting vendors that tend to be hard to reach or coordinate with.

Planners are the tools and service you need to keep wedding planning from becoming your second job.

Seriously. It is a stress relief to know that your big event is being handled by a professional. It saves you time to figure where the fuck you start first, so that you and your partner can start prepping each other for the next chapter of your life. Please for the love of god - don't be her:


If you are interested in talking to me about wedding planning for your big day -

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