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We all have at least one vendor that feels like a must have, but they won't get back to you.

Think about it for a few. Could you just stop trying with them and go with your #2 option? Is it really worth working with people that won't get back to you within at least a week?

For my wedding - this was my venue. For us, it wasn't really an option since we were dead set on getting married at that location. I just wanted them to get back to me with some date options and take my money. Their reputation was known for its bad communication, but we just really wanted to get married there. The way we finally got a date and contract from them was by going booking our wedding planner, and having her chase it.

(So much less stress on us!)

1. Some vendors just don't want to deal directly with brides.

If you have a planner (full, partial or day of) just ask them if they would take care of this vendor from now on. It will pay for itself in the stress it saves you. If you don't plan on getting a planner, but you are having a hard time reaching a vendor then hire a planner for an hour or two to get the vendor's attention.

If they have taken your money, but will no longer take your phone calls or return your emails - then review your contract to see if there was a breach of contract. If it is enough money and no time to book another vendor then you can probably seek legal action against them. (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or legal professional.)

2. Check the reviews before giving your money to any vendor! If they don't have reviews listed, ask them for some.

3. Make sure there is a contract, and review your cancellation policy. Protect yourself. Just in case.


Worried about a vendor of yours and you would like me to check in on them? Just let me know and we can chat it out! CONTACT ME

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