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NEW YEAR: 2017

DISCLAIMER: This is personal.

When I first wrote this post, I was not sure what to think about this new year coming up. Personally for me anything that isn't 2016 is better for me, but with trump coming into office this means a whole lot of unpredictable things. (I rewrote this post - It was slightly sad.)

I was trying to gear myself up - get excited about this move - boost my business - and continue working on myself. Last year was definitely a year of healing for me since losing my dad, so this year I will be continuing to recover and lean into life.

Some things that worked for me this year that has never really helped in the past: Journaling. I started writing at least 2 pages a day, sometimes 10. It helped clear my head, work through pain and tough situations, and it helped me understand myself and my needs better. I started to listen to myself more - listen to my intuition.

Things that did not work: consistency in working out, learning spanish, etc. However, I did learn new skills in floral design and plantscaping by working with an event floral designer. Sometimes you get the opportunity to learn something that you have not even thought of before - leave space for the unexpected.

You guys, the more I think about the year to come the more excited I become.

This is my time to shine -

I started my own business, I am moving back across the country, and I get to get married too!

What are you getting excited about?




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