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There is so much that I want to say on this subject, that it may become a series. When you are first engaged and start thinking about your day, venue, budget, catering, and rentals - it all comes down to the guest count. It should be almost the first thing you both do is sit down together to figure out who exactly you want to be there: family, extended family, friends, family friends, your boss, coworkers, etc. You get the picture.

I have some tips on narrowing down the guest list and avoid obligation guests:

1. Are they family? - Probably should be a yes.

2. Have you seen them or spoken to them in the last year?

3. Would you recognize or want to see them in your wedding photos in 10 years?

4. Do you want them to see you get married?

5. Do you care about them?

6. Are you inviting children?

7. Are you doing "plus-ones"?

Other things to consider - Are your parents paying for or helping with the wedding financially? If they have requests for certain guests, you should consider them and run them through the list above. You do not necessary need to invite the requested list, but do let the parents know that you will consider their list.

You should also consider your budget -

Go with your gut whether you two want a small, intimate wedding or a large celebration. Just be ready to stick to your guns on your boundaries.

(And make sure that it works for you and your budget.)

I am giving you all a free guest list management excel sheet that has guest count and guest list with organization to keep track of addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Please excuse any font / formatting from computer to computer!


Guest tracking help is part of my services! Let me know if you need help with your guest list or advice. CONTACT ME

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