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I was going to write about how to treat guests like guests without going over the top, but with all the things going on right now, I feel that I need to talk to you about planning a wedding in such a weird time for the world and our country. I do not wish to throw my views on you, but to help you navigate planning a wedding and being engaged right now.

I find it hard to keep posting pretty, nice things when we have such crazy things happening in our country with the protesting, the executive orders, turmoil in the government, etc. I also find it hard as a bride to even sit down and pick out flowers that I want in my bouquet when shit is going down. The small details of my wedding do not feel as important as the things going on outside my window. Facebook isn't a social platform anymore - it has turned into a political battleground.

I say if you are finding peace and comfort that you are getting married this year or next and you are supposed to be planning your wedding - then keep on planning. If you feel that you need a break from planning to let yourself have the energy to become an activist, protest, write in your journal, or however you are dealing with the feelings through this crazy time.

I am not much of a protestor or activist, but I donate and I am contributing to society by setting an example and keeping myself sane enough to carry on. I journal and practice self care to keep my shit straight. My brother and sister are out there protesting and have been for the last two weeks.

Everyone has their own way of coping - What's yours?


If you are having trouble focusing or would like to chat further - let me know!

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