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I am constantly being asked about the dreaded Room Blocks. They are a huge source of stress for couples planning their wedding since their family and friends are constantly asking about where they should book to stay.. and funny enough the conversation starts the day you announce your engagement. Crazy!

I want to relieve your stress around this -

and it is a FREE option for you.

y Stay? is a service for couples to have all of the work of booking a room block done for you. And it is free for research for up to 5 hotels in your wedding area based on your preferences. You fill out a questionnaire, you are paired with your own agent, they do the research for you, send you the options they found that suits your needs, sends you the contracts for the one you choose, AND sends it back for you.

Why is it free? They get a percentage of the actualized bookings from your family from the hotel. It does not cost you or your guests anything extra!!

Try it out today - You won't regret it. And it's free. I booked through them for my own wedding and I loved the ease of the process without having to play phone tag with any hotels or dealing with weird hours they they tend to call.



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