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Holidays & Being Engaged

I have been engaged for a year now. After being engaged for a while, you get a little tired talking about the wedding planning to everyone you meet or see.

As happy as we are to be engaged and getting married in the spring - We would like to spend time with our families and not talk about the wedding. It isn't reasonable, because our families are excited about it. We work on the wedding for way too many hours a week and people are always asking about it.

I know that I'm not alone in this.

[ Okay, I know that I am a wedding planner - but it is VERY different to plan someone else's wedding versus your own. Plus I do it for a living, so it is a lot of weddings. ]

Being engaged seems to have this dreamy glamor to people - even though a good amount of people have planned their own before! Maybe there is some sort of amnesia that happens after your wedding day is complete - all the hormones, laughter, and adrenaline mixed with champagne.

Let's make a pledge together to take a sip of whatever we will be drinking during the holidays, breathe, and smile when wedding questions are asked. Or don't and change the topic!


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